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Thinking To Set-Up A Nursery Room?

Your little, sweet bundle of joy has arrived, and it’s time to start exploring the shops and websites to expand your household. Welcoming a baby also means buying new furniture and essentials, and if you put it down in a list, the names will be endless. It isn’t just the diapers, creams, bottles, pacifier, binkies and blankies- the essential list goes on and on. The essentials keep on growing just like your baby, but this isn’t something that you should worry about.

While most of your time is spent in changing diapers, this article holds a list of tips that helps you in selecting the type of nursery furniture that will outlast even when your child is all grown up.

A sturdy baby cot: Primarily, the most crucial piece of furniture is where your baby is going to spend most of its time- sleeping! Your baby cot should be designed that can be converted to meet your baby’s needs, even during those times when they start walking. A baby cot can be adjusted as per the requirement and the position of the mattress. There are types of cots that can be lowered in terms of the height, as the baby grows. During that time, when your baby grows, you can select the right kind of height and then gradually negotiate your way to the bed. There are cots available in the market that meet your child’s requirements and can be converted into a full-sized bed.

Dresser: When you are browsing for a dresser, a sturdy and stable wins the race. While selecting a dresser, make sure that they withstand the test of time, which requires you to invest in the quality of the material. Make sure that you select a sturdy construction that ensures your kid’s ‘less than gentle touches’ but isn’t too rough for them. It should be spacious and houses several drawers that help you in storing onesies, jeans, and sweaters. Next, you should look out for the different styles; surely, you don’t want a bulky dresser that covers a lot of space in your home. A classic dresser with neutral hue won’t hamper your kid’s ever-growing preference. Lastly, look out for the details that help you in making this piece of furniture; your favourite. Ensure that the designs aren’t too pointy or dangerous in terms of your baby’s safety and have soft closing features and drawers that glide on full extension. 

Changing tables: To have a changing table or not have a changing table, a traditional changing table is considered as a must-have in terms of baby nursery. But sometimes they take up most of your valuable space is often crowded rooms, plus sometimes they cost a lot, and the necessity of its usage isn’t very long. They can be quickly outgrown. The alternate option to a stand-alone changing table is to buy a changing top or a changing station; not only they are cost-effective in comparison to the standard, ordinary dresser but they can also be transformed, as per your convenience, into a changing table- all of these while providing a secure space for your toddler. The sections while you configure this piece of furniture allows you to store the toiletries in the assigned area. The bottom part protects the dresser, and one can remove the section when your child outgrows it without causing any damage, either to the baby or the furniture.

Colours and accessories: Lookout for neutrals. They might not be the brightest in the room, but they are going to last you for a long time. As your toddler declares love for different colours and styles, you can easily incorporate them accordingly—lookout for different nursery furniture packages in Australia to see what type of nursery you want.

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